Chief Editor

Vassili Sinenko

Born in June, 3rd,, 1943, Novosibirsk Oblast, Village Polovinnoeye, Krasnoozeyerskii Area.

Rector of Novosibirsk Institute for Upgrading & Retraining Teachers (since 1995), Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (1995), Professor (1997), Honored Teacher of Russian Federation.

Since 1965 till 1977 – Physics Teacher of a secondary school.

Since 1977 till 1985 – Methodologist of Physics Department of Novosibirsk Institute for Upgrading & Retraining Teachers, manager for TV programs for physics teachers in Novosibirsk & Novosibirsk Oblast (1968 till 1985), Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (1984).

Since 1985 till 1995 – dean of physics department, pro-rector of Novosibirsk State Pedagogical Institute, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences (1995), Professor (1997), President of Regional Non-commercial Association for Upgrading teachers in Siberian Federal Community (2005), Member of Expert-Consulting Council for social-economic problems of Siberian Community (April, 2005), Member of Russian Association for Philosophers, Member of «Friendly Association for Krasnoozeyerskii Area».

The honored scientist in the sphere of methodology & history of pedagogical sciences, didactics, professional teachers education, & professional in-service education for teachers, Professor Sinenko is considered to be an innovator in the sphere of physics education based on observation & experiments; he created some unique physical appliances for the purpose of experimental physics, & is also known for his publications on different problems of general education, i.e. didactics of modern classes, the evaluation of the qualitative education (e.g. his term for the norm within modern education), & the four – element model for informatization of education, the multi-aspect analysis for experimental activities for gifted children within the classroom, & didactical aspects for students’ healthcare, etc.

Professor Sinenko is also famous for his publications & innovations in the sphere of IN-SERVICE education, i.e. system for self-planning, evaluation & self-evaluation in the process of upgrading teachers, & multi-aspect model for advanced teaching, etc.

Professor Sinenko, author of more than 300 scientific publications (monographs, textbooks, articles, etc.), Supervisor of more than 30 Doctors & Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences, the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Sibirskii Uchitel magazine (1998), & Member of Editorial review board for various journals – Upbringing & Optional Education, Methodologist, Man & Education, Sibirskii Pedagogical journal, for his successful achievements in the sphere of education he was awarded with the FRIENDSHIP ORDER, in the year of 2004.


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